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Jim Tressel quoted Tupac on Twitter again

For The Win

(AP) (AP)

Jim Tressel, former Ohio State Buckeye head coach and Youngstown State University president-elect, loves tweeting inspirational quotes.

These little nuggets of wisdom can come from all over. Sometimes he quotes John Wooden.

Other times, he quotes Tupac.

That isn’t the first time he’s quoted Tupac either.

Why is he quoting Tupac again? Who knows? But we do know that what doesn’t kill Tressel only makes him stronger. That’s for real. We can’t tell Tressel how to live his life either, we’ve got to just let him live, baby. Let him live.

While on the subject of Tressel and Tupac, there must be footage of him performing a karaoke version of…

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Strange, Gorgeous Photos Imagine a Sci-Fi Future Straight Out of Wes Anderson

The future will have ice monsters but no black people.


Dystopia may be all the rage in 2014 — especially in YA literature — but the multimedia artist Todd Baxter and his wife, the writer and designer Aubrey Videtto, are exploring a somewhat different vision of the future. Their sci-fi collaboration, Project Astoria, depicts a failed late-1960s attempt to colonize an Earth-like planet and transform it into a utopia. As Baxter writes at Bleek Magazine, the project is most interested in “the kids who grow up in the Astoria System and are coming of age just as the whole thing is really falling apart.” The images below, spotted via Beautiful/Decay, are from “Project Astoria: Test 01,” the first installment of the long-term endeavor. Baxter describes this series — which many have noticed could be a stylistic cousin to Wes Anderson’s films — as “an introduction to the people, animals, and objects of the Astoria System, the retro-futuristic backdrop…

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