2015: Best Words (Books)

An alternate title for this post could be Books I Read This Year since I buy about 40 a year, start 30 and finish even less. If I finish it, I loved it.

Of course I don’t limit myself to books released in the calendar year but rather books that I get around to reading, whenever their release.



A Brief History of Seven Killings / Marlon James

Dizzying fictional epic on the real-life plot to assassinate Bob Marley. Pulls no punches.


Modern Romance / Aziz Ansari

Curious comedian expounds on the paradox of choice and how technology has aided and crippled some aspects of decision making in dating.


Dataclysm / Christian Rudder

Founder of dating website OK Cupid explores the gap between what we say we want and what we actually want.


Several Short Sentences About Writing / Verlyn Klinkenborg

For anyone who wants to learn how to get the most impact from writing concise sentences and therefore become a better writer.

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Daring Greatly / Brene Brown

Verging on self-help, this is a great look at the psychology behind shame and vulnerability and how they work to hold us back or push us forward.


The Beautiful Struggle / Ta-Nehisi Coates

The eloquently written first book from this year’s most celebrated writer.


The Mathematician’s Shiva / Stuart Rojstaczer

Funny and poignant look at what makes a family with all of its flaws.


The Obamas / Jodi Kantor

More than just another D.C. insider book or a story about politics. It’s really a fascinating read on the work that goes into maintaining the highly visible and scrutinized marriage of America’s most ambitious power couple.


On Writing / Stephen King

The best advice on writing and the sacrifice and courage needed to pursue the life you want.


Slaughterhouse Five / Kurt Vonnegut

Classic that I never got around to in high school.


How to Get Away with Murder in America / Evan Wright

Short story on the CIA, Cuban refugees and drug murders in Miami.


Gilead / Marilynne Robinson

I decided to read this book after figuring anyone being interviewed by the president must be worth reading. Robinson writes beautifully without being distracting, tackling religion, mortality and familial bonds with wonderful clarity and insight.

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